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Fire on Big Bay Road
Fire on Big Bay Road May 27, 2018
Friday Harbour pictures
Suspicious Fire on April 24, 2018
Friday Harbour pictures
Suspicious Fire on February 13, 2018
Latest News Big Bay Point
A new phase at marina-based resort Friday Harbour Adobe Acrobat
TheStar.com  -  October 28, 2020
Protecting our Lake from MZOs - Urgent Call to Action Adobe Acrobat
Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition  -  October 26, 2020
Bystanders make dramatic rescue after car plunges into Innisfil harbour Adobe Acrobat
CTV News Barrie  -  September 17, 2020

Notice of Passing of By-Law No. 063-18 for Adoption of Official Plan Amendment No 1 to the Big Bay Point Resort Secondary Plan Adobe Acrobat
Town of Innisfil  -  May 28, 2018

Firefighters contain Innisfil blaze to garage and attic on Big Bay Point Road Adobe Acrobat
CTV News Barrie  -  May 27, 2018
Will Council approve Friday Harbours 1000 units? Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  May 16, 2018

Friday Harbour Resort fire deemed suspicious Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  April 24, 2018

FRIDAY HARBOUR Public Meeting 7PM 11APR2018 Adobe Acrobat
Town of Innisfil  -  April 9, 2018

Notice of Public Meeting, April 11, 2018, at 7:00pm.
Re: Friday Harbour Zoning Amendment
 Adobe Acrobat
Town of Innisfil  -  Mar 15, 2018

Friday Harbour Notice of Application to expand 1000 units to project for total of 3000 hotel and condos units vs approved 2000 Adobe Acrobat  February 16, 2018

Fire destroys five townhouses at Friday Harbour Adobe Acrobat
CTV News Barrie  -  February 14, 2018

Fire at Friday Harbour townhouses under investigation Adobe Acrobat
BarrieToday.com  -  February 14, 2018

Town of Innisfil update on Friday Harbour fire Adobe Acrobat
BarrieToday.com  -  February 14, 2018

Fire at Friday Harbour 8pm Feb 13, 2018, 5 Island Thowhouses Burned  See Pictures Adobe Acrobat   See Video QuickTime

Friday Harbour seeks 1,000 more units in Innisfil Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  February 9, 2018

Notice of Public Meeting, August 9, 2017, at 6:00pm.
Re: Friday Harbour Zoning Amendment
 Adobe Acrobat
Town of Innisfil  -  July 16, 2017

Worker seriously injured at Friday Harbour in Innisfil Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  June 29, 2017

Wednesday, March 1st 2017 zoning change maps. Properties shown in Zoning Update Maps 1 - 20 are impacted by map changes. Read legend at bottom of each map to see the zoning changes from Agriculture zoning to "ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION". This zoning change means the lands affected can never be built on. Adobe Acrobat

Public Meeting on Friday Harbour, Zoning By-Law Changes No. 029-05 Adobe Acrobat June 3, 2015

Innisfil Town Hall
Innisfil 2018 Municipal Election on October 22nd
PC candidate says election about respecting taxpayers Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  May 10, 2018
NDP candidate says voters ready for change for the better Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  May 10, 2018
Questions for Lake Simcoe's Provincial Election Candidates Adobe Acrobat
- Lake Simcoe Watch 
Questions for All 2018 Candidates Adobe Acrobat
- Prepared by "Lake Simcoe Watch"
Electoral District Boundaries Lake Simcoe Region Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance
North Gwillimbury Forest
Tribunal hears excuses from Town, facts from NGFA Adobe Acrobat June 4, 2018
An Open Letter to Julia Munro, MPP Adobe Acrobat March 27, 2018
When is the Conservation Authority going to reject the DG Group’s wetland destruction application Adobe Acrobat February 9, 2018
We’re taking our fight to the Ontario Municipal Board — with your help Adobe Acrobat January 17, 2017
Ask Premier Wynne to protect the Greenbelt Adobe Acrobat October 25, 2016
Friday Harbour pictures
Friday Harbour Progress report
Progress report, July 2017 (6 minute video)  QuickTime
Progress report, August 5, 2015 (3 minute video)  QuickTime
Progress report, July 14, 2014 (2 minute video)  QuickTime
Progress report, August 15, 2013 (3 minute video)  QuickTime
Aerial video of Lake Simcoe Friday Harbour proposed Marina and Golf Course.
Innisfil Zoning Update

Innisfil zoning change could sink golf course expansion Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil Journal  -  March 2, 2017

Latest News Releases
° Our MPP Andrea Khanjin tours Innisfil forests! Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  August 8, 2019
° We can’t save our oceans from plastics if we don’t address the source Adobe Acrobat
Globe and Mail  -  June 10, 2019
° City of Barrie bans Caroline Mulroney lawn signs Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Watch  -  June 6, 2019
° Spring Update from IDA Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  May 28, 2019
° York-Simcoe By-Election candidates call for federal funding to reduce Lake Simcoe's phosphorus pollution Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Watch  -  January 23, 2019
° Planner Victor Doyle criticized development industry's misuse of greenfield land supply statistics Adobe Acrobat
aware-simcoe.ca  -  March 2, 2018
° IDA News Letter and Important Council Meeting Feb 7,2018 Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  February 7, 2018
° Innisfil residents irate about watermain hookups Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  September 29, 2017
° $10-million Search For a Solution To Phosphorus Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Association  -  September 11, 2017
° Innisfil zoning change could sink golf course expansion Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil Journal  -  March 2, 2017
° Our Shores submission and Zoning Changes Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  February 24, 2017
° Urgent! All residents should attend the Wednesday, March 1st 2017 zoning change meeting at 5:30pm at Town of Innisfil Council Chambers. Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil  -  Feb 13, 2017
° Innisfil proposes sweeping changes to shoreline building rules Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Association  -  February 11, 2017
° We’re taking our fight to the Ontario Municipal Board — with your help Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance  -  January 17, 2017
° The Minister’s Annual Report on Lake Simcoe, 2015 Adobe Acrobat
Ontario.ca  -  December 14, 2016
Congratulations, Premier McGuinty
° Innisfil District Association Notice Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil District Association  -  December 13, 2016
° Ask Premier Wynne to protect the Greenbelt Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance  -  October 25, 2016
° News Release - Massive Boathouse plan prompts emergency bylaw control plan Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  August 18, 2016
° New Shoreline By-Law Adobe Acrobat
Town of innisfil  -  August 9, 2016
° FDA News Letter Adobe Acrobat
innisfilaction.com  -  August 2, 2016
° How high's the water Lake Simcoe? Adobe Acrobat
LakeSimcoeLiving.com  -  August 3, 2016
° How to co-exist with Canada geese. Adobe Acrobat
LakeSimcoeLiving.com  -  July 4, 2016
° InnPower asks Innisfil for $8 million to cure cash flow crisis. Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  May 26, 2016
° Will $58 million loan bring jobs to Innisfil? Adobe Acrobat
BarrieToday.com  -  May 25, 2016
° Rescue Lake Simcoe hopes Innisfil bans corporate election donations. Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  April 6, 2016
°  Developer donations influence local election outcomes, study finds. Adobe Acrobat
TheStar.com   -  April 5, 2016 
° Innisfil ponders water/sewage partnership Adobe Acrobat
Barrie Examiner   -  December 16, 2015
° Potential Strawberry Island Development? Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Living  -  November 30, 2015
° Anti-SLAPP law reminder of fight to build Innisfil's Friday Harbour Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  November 12, 2015
° Innisfil’s Power Couple Adobe Acrobat
Our Innisfil  -  September 27, 2015
° DG Group’s wetland destruction application fails “Conservation of Land” test Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance  -  September 14, 2015
° Massive marina at Friday Harbour nearly complete Adobe Acrobat
CTV news  -  August 5, 2015
° LSRCA’s justification for secrecy is all smoke and mirrors  Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance   -  July 31, 2015
° Man airlifted to Toronto hospital after being struck in Innisfil Adobe Acrobat
Barrie Examiner   -  July 13, 2015
° Georgina Council: Support democratic decision making  Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance   -  July 13, 2015
° You Thought Transit Was Expensive? Introducing, “InnServices”  Adobe Acrobat
Innisfil Connex  -  June 21, 2015
° Tell LSRCA to open the doors on its secret decision making  Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance   -  June 19, 2015
° Innisfil shoreline development on hold while town adds teeth to Lake Simcoe protection policies Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  June 9, 2015
° LSRCA decision explanation raises many questions Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance   -  May 1, 2015
° DG Group (Metrus) seeks $200,000 from R-H Naturalist Adobe Acrobat
Richmond Hill Naturalists   -  April 23, 2015
° Metrus tries to pull a fast one Adobe Acrobat
North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance   -  April 22, 2015
° Innisfil mayor flip flops on corporate campaign donation promise Adobe Acrobat
Simcoe.com  -  April 6, 2015
Previously in the news:
Ontario government files SLAPP suit legislation
The Star: Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech.  Adobe Acrobat   November 8, 2013
The Star: Nuisance lawsuits targeted by Ontario government.  Adobe Acrobat   June 4, 2013
Globe and Mail: Ontario cracks down on spurious lawsuits.  Adobe Acrobat   June 3, 2013
Big Bay Point Marina To view 2 minute video on sale public shoreline to developer of Big Bay Point Marina, click here.  QuickTime
June 16, 2012
June 13, 2012 - Press release from Environmental Defence on sale of public properties at Big Bay Point Marina project  
ed    ida
Big Bay Point Marina
Lake Simcoe Protection Act
Big Bay Point Marina Video (3 minutes).
November 11, 2010
Slideshow of tree cutting and site clearing
at Big Bay Point Marina.
February 12, 2010
Sales Video for Friday Habour  QuickTime
November, 2012
equipment removed The ConDrain Group who were servicing the Big Bay Point Marina site removed all its equipment and signs on July 17, 2012.
tree cutting ad STILL NO MOVEMENT. Crate's Landing condominium development on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Keswick has still not begun construction. It has been plagued with financial setbacks and other issues. The project was first announced eight years ago.
Ministry of the Environment - Protecting Lake Simcoe
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority's Board Meeting - February 26, 2010
Agenda  Adobe Acrobat
Deputation: IDA_EnviroDefence  Adobe Acrobat
Deputation: Town of Innisfil  Adobe Acrobat
Deputation: Kimvar  Adobe Acrobat
Staff Report - 08-10-BOD  Adobe Acrobat
Lake Simcoe Mega-Marina
Lake Simcoe Groups Unite
Provincial approval of Big Bay Point in mere days
dismays environmental groups
Toronto, June 18, 2007 – The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is about to approve a proposal for a 1,000 slip marina for Lake Simcoe,a project having significant environmental impact and about which environmental and community organizations have been protesting for months.The Big Bay Point development calls for 1,600 resort units (fractional ownership),400 hotel units,a 1,000 slip marina on a man-made bay,and an 18-hole golf course.The marina would be one of the largest inland marinas in the country.
Read more... Adobe Acrobat
Point of contention
Point of contention
Plan for massive resort project on Lake Simcoe splits community and makes lots of work for lawyers
It's summertime and the livin' is easy at Big Bay Point, snug on the southwest shore of Lake Simcoe.
All appears peaceful, from gulls wheeling across a cobalt sky to ducks herding their fuzzy youngsters over glass-smooth waters.
Read more... Adobe Acrobat
Jun 02, 2007
Gail Swainson
Real Estate Reporter